Providing supplementary teaching and learning materials to the project’s participants can contribute substantially to the learning process, engage them in multi-dimensional learning and build their abilities to apply newly acquired knowledge.

The supplementary training and learning material is intended to support the process of providing to the safe and respectful management of LGBTIQ prisoners.

The standardization of the Prison Safe seminars is an indispensable quality assurance variable of the project. In order to warrant the delivery of high-quality content during the seminars, the partnership will develop all the materials required. This task is of vital importance since the use of standardized material reduces incidents associated with improper and incorrect knowledge dissemination.

The trainer materials developed and used for the delivery of the seminars will include:

  • presentations,
  • selection of videos [other than the abovementioned],
  • activity books and worksheets,
  • participant lists,
  • attendance lists etc.