Cyprus Prisons Department

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Tasos Trattonicolas

Tasos Trattonicolas works at Cyprus Prison Department since 2004: for seven years he was involved in the security system of the Central Prison. Subsequently he has worked for two years in office receipts and dismissals of offenders which is one of the crucial duties of the prison institution. The last ten years he has been responsible for European programs, head of the school for wardens and trainer for young and adult detainee’s in domains which are related to social skills, etc.


Iakovos Stylianou

He is the education coordinator for the prison inmates, within the Nicosia Prison Department. He has graduated from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in communication and mass media, with a Bachelor Degree in July 2004. After that, he graduated from San Francisco State University, in the area of Management of Special Needs Education Institutes and after he obtained his Master degree in Criminology from the University of Nicosia. He has more than 10 years of experience in adult education and has been partner of Ministry of Education and Culture and Cyprus parental schools. He is also active member of researches, relevant with youth offenders and prevention of crime.